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"As accessible and entertaining a guide as you will find to living in past times" (The Sunday Times).

"Mortimer's curiosity is boundless and his profound scholarship is leavened by a sense of fun" (The Daily Express).

"Brilliantly entertaining and uniquely informative" (The Independent).

The fourth book in the Time Traveller's Guide series will be The Time Traveller's Guide to Regency Britain. Research is underway at the time of writing (March 2017). As things stand it is planned to cover a 'long Regency'. This would start with the first suggestion that Prince George would take over, in 1788, during 'the Madness of George III', to the death of the said prince, as George IV, in 1830. The actual Regency period was shorter than this - 1811-1820 - and that will be the core of the book, but the hope is to illustrate what life was like in Britain for all ranks of people between the time of the French Revolution and the advent of the railways and the Great Reform Act (1832).

In July 2016 Dr Mortimer teamed up with The Artisans to perform a series of concerts entitled The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval Music. The idea was to show how the music of the Middle Ages says something about what it was like to be alive at the time. Certain sounds come almost directly to us from the medieval composer, illustrating his concerns and feelings and those of his contemporaries, with no need for linguistic translation. Some tunes speak of joy, some of love, some of death and fear. As schedules permit, it is hoped that we can return to this theme and perhaps perform further concerts or explore new early musical avenues more specifically.

(NB The words 'The Time Traveller's Guide to...' are a registered trademark.)